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Vector Line Icons

Each outline style icons was designed with vector shapes. Change colors or layer styles, move and re-size every single element in no-time. Perfect ios icon pack for iOS 7 and Mobile Apps Design.


    Clean and fresh outline design, meticulously crafted to challenge the most trained eye. Focus on consistency.


    All line icons were designed with stroke and vector shapes to allow users to easily resize elements.


    Change colors or layer styles, move and re-size every single element and layer in no-time. Quick and Easy.

  • Different Formats

  • Number of Icons

  • Categories

  • Design

  • Design Line Icons
  • Documents and Folders

  • Documents and Folders Line Icons
  • Buildings

  • Buildings Line Icons
  • Map and Location

  • Map and Location Line Icons
  • Image and Video

  • Image aand Video Line Icons
  • Office

  • Office Line Icons
  • Weather

  • Weather Line Icons
  • Audio

  • Audio Line Icons
  • Editing

  • Editing Line Icons
  • Clothes and Shoes

  • Clothes and Shoes Line Icons
  • Device and Network

  • Device and Network Line Icons
  • Interface

  • Interface Line Icons
  • Finance and Shopping

  • Finance and Shopping Line Icons
  • Food and Drinks

  • Food and Drinks Line Icons
  • Emotions

  • Emotions Line Icons
  • Social

  • Social Line Icons
  • Household

  • Household Line Icons
  • Users and Charts

  • Users and Charts Line Icons
  • Celebration and Holidays

  • Celebration and Holidays Line Icons
  • Controls and Navigations

  • Controls and Navigations Line Icons
  • Hand and Gesture

  • Geature Line Icons
  • Games and Entertainments

  • Games and Entertainments Line Icons

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