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  • Name

Vector Glyph Icons

Each Glyph / Symbol was designed with vector shapes. Change colors or layer styles, move and re-size every single element in no-time. Most Complete Glyphs icons Pack Ever.

  • Pixel Perfect Design

    Sharp and clean glyphs, meticulously crafted to challenge the most trained eye. Focus on consistency.

  • Vector Elements

    Each glyph / symbol was designed with vector shapes to allow users to easily resize elements.

  • Easy to Customize

    Change colors or layer styles, move and re-size every single element and layer in no-time.

  • Different Formats

  • Number of Icons

  • Categories

  • Audio

  • Audio Glyph Icons
  • Food and Drinks

  • Food and Drinks Glyph Icons
  • Hotel

  • Hotel Glyph Icons
  • Clothes

  • Clothing Glyph Icons
  • Media

  • Media Glyph Icons
  • Editing

  • Editing Glyph Icons
  • Files and Folders

  • Files and Folders Glyph Icons
  • Web

  • Web Glyph Icons
  • Tablets and Social

  • Tablets and Social Glyph Icons
  • Weather

  • Weather Glyph Icons
  • Celebrations and Holidays

  • Celebrations and Holidays Glyph Icons
  • Office

  • Office Glyph Icons
  • Shopping and Mall

  • Shopping Glyph Icons
  • Beauty and Recreation

  • Beauty and Recreation Glyph Icons
  • Education

  • Education Glyph Icons
  • Photo & Video

  • Photo & Video Glyph Icons
  • Gaming

  • Gaming Glyph Icons
  • Travel and Map

  • Travel and Map Glyph Icons
  • Science and Medicine

  • Science and Medicine Glyph Icons
  • Sports

  • Sports Glyph Icons
  • Miscelleneous

  • Miscelleneous Glyph Icons

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